With its new, sustainability-oriented building, which is to be constructed in just 15 months, the dental technology company Amann Girrbach will be consolidating its sites in Vorarlberg (Austria). All 350 employees will be located in Mäder in the future, and a further increase in personnel is planned medium term. The intention of the new building is to create a state-of-the-art working environment with added value for all employees and, at the same time, to optimize all procedures and processes. The investment costs amount to EUR 47 million.

"With the new building in Mäder, we will be implementing our own high standards when it comes to creating an atmosphere for our employees in which everyone can feel comfortable and work produc-tively. We are pleased that in future we will be able to offer a canteen as well as various recreational lounges and green areas that meet the most up-to-date and well thought-out requirements," says Dr. Wolfgang Reim, CEO of Amann Girrbach, underlining the company's intention. The rapid growth of Amann Girrbach has also prompted the need to merge the individual sites while expanding them at the same time. "There has been an increasing lack of space in recent years due to our very satisfying corporate development, and we have had to resort to external premises on several occasions. At the new, central location, it will now also be possible to optimize cooperation between the individual departments, resulting in improved processes and workflows, and the entire logistic chains between the present locations will be eliminated," explains Reim.

Live webcam from the construction site